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vMix configuration for a single-language SRT broadcast

This setup can be used for an event with support for Translate@Home and captions or for a single language live stream.

Event configuration in Clevercast

When creating an event in Clevercast, choose SRT for T@H and Captions (for a live stream with extra audio languages or captions) or 'SRT broadcast (Clevercast as listener)' (for single-language streaming) as the broadcast protocol.

Go to the Broadcast menu in the left-hand navigation. Your settings should include the correct broadcast protocol and Languages per track set to 1.

Single-language live stream configuration in Clevercast

vMix settings

In vMix, enable SRT and select the ‘Caller’ type. Choose a Stereo or Mono channel for your single language. Fill in the Hostname, Port‘ and ‘Passphrase’ in the vMix configuration (see the ‘Broadcast‘ tab).

vMix SRT settings (mono or stereo)