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Encoder configuration

See our tutorial on how to choose and configure your encoder for the broadcast protocols in Clevercast.

For all encoders, make sure to follow our broadcast guidelines as much as possible.

Below are examples of specific encoder configurations. The list is not exhaustive. Contact us if you have another encoder and have problems configuring it.

A custom setup with a pair of Haivision Makito or Intinor Direct Link encoders is possible for a live stream with up to 32 languages.

Configure your encoder for multilingual streams

These configurations can be used for a broadcast containing multiple audio languages.

Other encoders (e.g. Intinor Direct Link, max 16 languages) also support SRT multi-track broadcasts. Contact us if you want to test with a certain encoder.


  • Make sure your event is set to Preview before starting to broadcast.
  • For a vMix multilingual SRT broadcast, set Languages per track in Clevercast to the number of languages you are sending. If you reset an event to Inactive or Ended, turn off the SRT broadcast in vMix (and resume it when your event resumes).
  • When using a Thunderbolt Decklink Mini Recorder for a multi-channel RTMP broadcast, always use 7.1 channels (this device will do quad mapping with 4.0 channels, which results in a different order of the languages).

Configure your encoder for a broadcast with 2 languages

Sending two languages in a single stereo channel (languages panned L+R) is possible with any SRT or RTMP encoder.

Using SRT:

Using RTMP:

Configure your encoder for single language streams

Sending a single languages broadcast tot Clevercast is possible with any SRT or RTMP encoder. These examples can be used for an event with support for Translate@Home and captions or for a single language live stream.

Using SRT:

Using RTMP: