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Wirecast configuration for an SRT broadcast with 2 languages

Sending two languages in a single stereo channel (languages panned L+R) is possible with any encoder that supports SRT (e.g. OBS Studio, Wirecast, vMix ...).

Event configuration in Clevercast

When creating an event in Clevercast, choose 'SRT multilingual broadcast (Clevercast as listener)' as the broadcast protocol.

Go to the Broadcast tab of your event in Clevercast and make sure that Languages per track is set to 2.

Wirecast settings

Create an SRT output in Wirecast and copy from the event's Broadcast tab:

  • Address: use the first part of the 'SRT Caller URL' (not including the port and querystring, see screenshot)
  • Port: use the port from the Broadcast tab
  • Passphrase: use the passphrase from the Broadcast tab

SRT stream configuration in Wirecast

Create a custom preset with a framerate of 25 fps and keyframe interval of 2 seconds (otherwise Clevercast needs to convert the framerate to 25 fps).

Custom preset with 25fps and key frame every 120 frames

The rest of the configuration should follow our broadcast guidelines as much as possible.

Make sure that the audio track contains a stereo channel with the languages panned L+R.

Note: Wirecast is currently not able to send more than 2 languages, since it doesn't allow you to broadcast more than 1 audio track.