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How to display ads in Clevercast player?

By default, Clevercast Player currently supports pre-roll ads through the IMA SDK Plugin for video.js. Note that your Ad server must support HTTPS delivery for your ads to play inside of Clevercast player.

By default the comm_url_ parameter - which contains the Ad URL - may not be overridden in the client embed code, unless you set the player's Allow Ad URL Override property. The Minimum Duration for Ads property instructs the player to only send requests to the Ad Server if the video duration exceeds a minimum number of seconds.

The player will try to play the media content when ad blockers are used. By turning off the ‘Allow playing when ad is blocked’ option, the player will not play the video or audio item when an available ad is being blocked. You can set a text message that will be shown by the player when it detects that an available ad can not be played (usually because of ad blockers). If no message is set, the player will not provide a notification that an ad is being blocked.